The Regatta began in 1971 when a small group of crusaders organized a sailing race on Lake Placid.  Just four boats competed, and some leftover Clamato juice, which was used to make Bloody Caesars, was the prize.  The foresight of these early contestants with their impromptu course and make-shift awards was clear.  A sailing race was a great way to promote camaraderie on Lake Placid and a final chance to see family and friends before summer’s end.

This event became known for many years as the Annual Invitational Clamato Regatta (“AICR”), named after the famous “brew” from the Duffy Mott Company.  Each successive year brought more participants, a large “Spectator Fleet” and a clockwork-like team of organization volunteers.  Annual support came from dedicated Patrons and Friends, as well as corporate sponsorship from Mott’s.  In 1992, our new corporate status was completed, and Lake Placid Regatta, Inc. (“LPRI”) was formed as a New York Not-For-Profit Corporation and successor to the AICR.  The familiar clamshell and tomato burgee continues on as the official logo.